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Brenniston Sharps Clean-Up Kit Small


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Sharps Clean-Up Kit Small helps prevent accidental needle stick injury for cleaners, outdoor and community health workers.

Get Sharps Smart!

  • Eliminates the risk of workplace injury and infection
  • Personal protective gear ensures user safety
  • Re-usable sharps container and waste disposal bag provide immediate safe waste management
  • Compact clear plastic box with bright yellow labelling is lightweight and easy to identify
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for safe syringe disposal
  • Includes first aid instructions in case of needle stick injury
  • Contents are regulated and safeguarded by the Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Proudly designed and produced in Australia 

Ideal for Facilities Management, Emergency Services, Councils, Public Events

Who buys this Clean-Up Kit? Cleaners, Outdoor Workers, Health Workers

Kit Contents
2 x Nitrile Glove Disposable Powder-Free Blue Large
1 x Antiseptic Chlorhex/Cetrimide Solution 30ml
10 x Plastic Dressing Strips Latex-Free
3 x Gauze Swab Sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm
1 x Forceps Plastic
1 x Bio-Hazard Bag Yellow 25cm x 30cm
1 x Sharps Container 250ml
1 x Sharps Clean-Up Kit Instructions
Dimensions L19.5cm x W13cm x H6.5cm
Weight 0.3kg