Brenniston National Standard Basic Workplace First Aid Kit


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You don’t have to be accident prone to suffer a paper cut, kettle scald or eye injury in even the most hazard-free workplace.

Add a Brenniston National Standard Basic Workplace First Aid Kit to your personal stash (hello tea bags and mints!) for workday peace of mind.

  • Common sense range of workplace first aid for personal use
  • Compact case tucks easily into drawers and other small spaces
  • Sturdy zippered lid reveals emergency treatments at a glance
  • Contents regulated and safeguarded by Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Developed under Australian First Aid in Workplace National Code of Practice
  • Proudly designed and produced in Australia

Ideal for Office, Retail, Travel

Suited to 1 - 5 people

Who buys this first aid kit? Office Workers, Shop Keepers, Travelling Representatives

Brenniston National Standard Basic Workplace First Aid Kit Contents

1 x Bag Press-seal 150mm x 230mm

1 x Bandage Conforming Elastic Gauze 5cm

1 x Bandage Triangular Disposable 110cm x 110cm

1 x Burnaid Gel Sachet 3.5g

1 x Dressing Combine Pad 10cm x 20cm

1 x Dressing Non adherent  5cm x 5cm

1 x Dressing Non adherent 10cm x 10cm

1 x Dressing Wound No. 14 Medium

20 x Dressing Plastic Adhesive

1 x Tape Paper Hypoallergenic 1.25cm

1 x Antiseptic Cream Rapaid Sachet 1g

2 x Antiseptic Wipe Cetrimide Alcohol Free

3 x Gauze Swab Sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm

2 x Eye Pad Sterile 6cm x 8cm

2 x Eyewash Saline Ampoule 15ml

1 x First Aid and CPR Instructions

2 x Glove Nitrile Disposable Blue Powder Free Large 

12 x Safety Pins Assorted

1 x Scissors Blunt Nickel Plated 10cm

2 x Forceps Dressing Plastic 110mm

1 x Empty Soft Case Green

1 x Contents List

Nylon zippered case

Dimensions L22cm x W7cm x H15cm

Weight 0.3kg

Download Brenniston National Standard Basic Workplace First Aid Kit Contents List

Australian workplace health and safety inspectors can enter your business at any time to check your compliance with Work Health and Safety laws.

Failing to provide a safe Australian workplace leaves you liable to fines up to $800,000. Your business can be forced to close. You can even end up in prison.

As a person conducting a business or undertaking, it’s your responsibility to provide access to a suitable workplace first aid kit at all times. Choosing the right Brenniston National Standard Workplace First Aid Kit is easy. It assures you Australian workplace health and safety compliance.

The workplace first aid kit contents should be based on a risk assessment of the nature of the work, the hazards, size, location and the nature of your workplace, and the number and composition of the workers there.

The number of people the workplace first aid kit is suited to must include contractors and volunteers. Suitability is based on the first aid kit’s contents and suggested uses, in conjunction with your own workplace risk assessment.